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Newry Rotary Club – Foundation Programme 2014

Given the fellowship enjoyed by rotarians it is possible to lose sight objectives of Rotary at a local and international level.  Ongoing support for locally based charities is of course important, however I believe it is also important to maintain a global perspective.

If individual Rotarians aspire to “make a difference” on a worldwide scale it is only possible if Rotarians throughout the world pool their resources. 

The Permanent fund is the result of this pooling of resources, and the structuring of this fund enables the contributions of individual funds and members to have and impact now and for years to come.  The success to date in the fight against polio would not have been possible without this fund. 

Objectives for year

It is our intention during the year is to;

  • achieve targets set for contributions to foundation

  • raise awareness of the operations of the Permanent Fund

  • provide information on the methods of individual giving to the fund

  • provide information on the form of recognition available for gifts made

  • encourage participation in schemes that benefit from grants from central funds, such as Group Study Exchange and Polio Plus Partners.

  •  Promote contributions to the Permanent fund at an individual level via our club web site

The Permanent Fund

The Permanent Fund ensures our ability to meet the urgent needs of the future through an endowment. The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation spend only the interest earned from the principal on Foundation programs, providing extra income to meet the ever growing out reach of The Rotary Foundation's humanitarian, cultural and educational programs.

Your gifts to the Permanent Fund may be designated to the World Fund, which allows the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation to allocate fund to programs where the need is greatest or may be designated to a specific use.

Your gift to the Permanent Fund will ensure the future of Foundation programs for years to come


Through SHARE, Rotary districts share in the decision-making process by choosing which Rotary Foundation programs they wish to support and participate in.

The Rotary Foundation's programs are funded through voluntary contributions made by Rotarians and others who believe in the Foundation's mission. Their support demonstrates their commitment to enhance the quality of life for all people, to create greater understanding among nations, and to advance the quest for peace in the world.

The SHARE system is the mechanism by which Rotary Foundation program awards are distributed worldwide. Through the SHARE system, contributions to The Rotary Foundation are transformed into Ambassadorial Scholarships, Matching Grants for International Humanitarian Projects, Group Study Exchanges, and more.

Methods of Giving

It is important that members are aware that in addition to contributions made to Rotary Funds at club level, it is possible to make direct donations to the Permanent Fund in a variety of ways.  Gifts by individuals to the Permanent Fund can be more tax effective than contributions made at club level, and some of the ways of making such gifts are described below. 

Cash and Pledge

Gifts of cash are accepted at any level. However gifts of $1,000 or more immediately qualify you for Benefactor status and recognition.

Life Insurance Policies

It is possible to set up a life policy to specifically benefit Rotary on you death, or to assign an existing policy.  This can be a relatively in expansive method of making a substantial contribution to the Permanent Fund

Charitable Bequests

Each year, thousands of donors designate a portion of their assets to benefit The Rotary Foundation. Bequests made through wills or living trusts are an important part of the Permanent Fund because they enable individuals to make gifts that they may not have been able to make during life.

Bequests can take various forms:

1.      A specific bequest directs that The Rotary Foundation receive a specific piece of property. Example "I give...500 shares of XY stock".

2.      A residual bequest designates all or a portion of whatever remains after all debts, taxes and expenses have been paid: "I give...fifty percent of the next residue and remainder of my estate."

3.      A contingent bequest takes effect only under certain conditions: In the event that my spouse does not survive me, I give to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, an Illinois not for profit corporation, the sum of....

Sample codicil language is available to potential donors if required.

 Paul Harris Fellow Recognition for Gifts to the Annual Programs Fund

Anyone who contributes — or in whose name is contributed — a gift of US$1,000 or more to the Annual Programs Fund may become a Paul Harris Fellow. Each new Paul Harris Fellow receives a commemorative certificate, a Paul Harris Fellow pin and a medallion. Cumulative donors are eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition when their giving reaches US $1,000.

For each additional gift of US $1,000 or more, including cumulative gifts, a Paul Harris Fellow

§         is recognized as a multiple Paul Harris fellow

§         is eligible to receive a new Paul Harris Fellow Pin with one sapphire for each additional US$1000 gift, up to five sapphires, and

§         may also choose to honour some one else as a Paul Harris Fellow with their Foundation Recognition Points, formerly available credit.

Benefactor Recognition for Gifts to The Permanent Fund

You may become a Benefactor to The Rotary Foundation by making The Foundation a recipient of an outright gift of US $1,000 through a gift left to The Rotary Foundation in your will or final estate plans. Simply notify the Foundation, in writing, of that bequest.

Benefactor will be presented with:

·         a commemorative certificate

·         an insignia which may be attached to a Rotary or Paul Harris Fellow pin, or worn alone

·         a letter of appreciation

Each Benefactor is recognized at the time of his or her first gift. Subsequent gifts receive a letter of appreciation

  Major Donor Recognition

The Rotary Foundation recognises those individuals whose personal outright or cumulative giving has reached US $10,000.  Major donor recognition is offered for contributions to the Annual Programs Fund, Permanent Fund, and Polio Plus campaign.  Gifts are recognised for these special donors at five gift levels:

Level Six

US $1 million or greater

Level Five

US $500,000

Level Four

US $100,000

Level Three

US $50,000

Level Two


Level One


All major donors receive recognition from the Trustees of The Rotary Foundation. Donors may elect to receive a crystal recognition piece and Diamond Circle Pins commemorating the gift at each new recognition level.

Anonymous Donors

The Rotary Foundation also recognises that on occasion donors may wish anonymity, and will respect that wish.

We hope we have made a start in increasing awareness of the importance of maintaining the Permanent Fund, which is often described as “Rotary’s only charity”, and provided some guidance on methods of contributing.

We will be delighted attempt to provide further information on any of the matters raised, or to put you in contact with someone who will help you to part with your money.Newry Rotary Club

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